Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flagship's Wine

Shana is Flagship’s wine rep from the Country Vintner Ashland, VA. I’ve known Shana for many years and enjoy working with her. We meet once a month to review our selections and consider new additions to the wine list.

I put a lot of thought into the wines we serve at Flagship. I always sit down to taste various wines and think about how they will compliment the food. I carry a large variety of restaurant-exclusive wine, so that diners will always be able to try something new at the Flagship.

Right now, we are featuring A to Z Pinot Noir from Oregon. Grapes in this light-bodied wine come from a number of different sources. A to Z is a good addition to a meal of ribs, chicken or sausage alfredo. Another excellent choice is Allan Scott Unwooded which would be wonderful with Flagship’s salmon or nautical pasta . Unwooded wines are aged in stainless steel, which makes for a lighter and brighter flavor.

Annabella Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-flavored California wine, complex and elegant with a nose of currant and black cherry. It would be excellent with Flagship’s fabulous New York Strip.

Here’s to making food fun,


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