Friday, October 9, 2009

Clark Farm

From April to December, I buy produce for the Flagship at Clark Farm. Clark Farm is located on Bruce Road in Chesapeake. When I was a kid, Clark Farm was an old farm stand and house surrounded by acres of fields. Today, it is a small family farm surrounded by suburban developments with Palladian windows. Even with all the changes, I’m glad Clark Farm is still here.

I went there today to look at tomatoes for Flagship’s Caprese Salad appetizer, Hubbard squash, beets, collards, Indian corn, and gingersnaps for the crust on my cheesecake. They also carry some really good locally-produced cheese.

One of the hallmarks of the Flagship is our commitment to bringing you the freshest and finest ingredients possible. I buy quality fresh fish, prime cuts of meat and take pride in preparing our desserts, sauces, and many condiments in house. I like to buy locally-grown produce whenever possible. For more information about buying locally in Virginia, check out this website:

We are nearing the end of the tomato season. I had to wait for my tomatoes today and will need to return to Clark’s to pick them up tomorrow. That’s okay. When the season ends, we will wait to offer that appetizer until spring.

In fact, I generally leave off tomatoes on sandwiches after October unless the customer specifically requests them. I prefer not to use those pink tomatoes wrapped in plastic or tomatoes that are ripened by gas. Some things are better in season. I would rather embrace that change by using appropriate Autumn or Winter selections than using ingredients purchased out of season that just don’t taste as good.

This is one of the qualities which makes the Flagship different from a chain restaurant; our commitment to buying locally and in season. And you can taste the difference.
I'll be back soon to discuss our Autumn menu additions.

Here’s to making food fun,


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